1.1. Introduction

Top Kids Nursery School & After-care prides itself on having been in the childcare business since 1994 and being owned and managed by one single family. Top Kids accommodates children from 2 years old through to Grade R, as well as After-Care. Top Kids has excellent educational programmes with age appropriate activities and qualified teachers. Large playgrounds are separated by age groups.

Our staff are dedicated and caring professionals.

Children who “graduate” from Top Kids leave us well adjusted, well educated, happy and ready to face the challenges ahead!

1.2. Values and Goals

The goals of Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care are to provide an environment for each child to grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally, while meeting the needs and interest of the individual child. Top KidsNursery School & After-Care strive to further each learner’s individual skills at an appropriate pace for that child, allowing him or her to move forward towards personal growth.

· To embrace each child's uniqueness

· To foster a positive self-image while respecting diversity in students, their families and staff

· To build relationships based on trust and respect

· To help the children learn self-control and how to express their needs in a positive and socially acceptable way

· To help the children grow in all areas of development

· To support each child in the context of their family, their family's culture, the community and society

· To develop a curriculum that will meet these goals and developmental needs

1.3. School Mission

To provide a home away from home for children, offering quality care in a loving environment. Our emphasis is on turning out well mannered, confident children who have received a good foundation education and are ready to face the challenges of primary school. We focus on developing each child holistically.

General School Policies

2. Accidents and Incidents Policy

All accidents and incidents no matter how minor will be recorded in the incident/accident files in the correct manner by all staff concerned. Should the need arise, an Incident Investigator will look into the matter further and a report shall be written. If a child arrives with an injury (which occurred at home), this will be reported to the office immediately and an Accident Report Form will be filled in.

3. Admission Policy

On admission to Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care, parents or guardians are required to fill in a registration/application form. This asks for details regarding any special health needs, doctors details, medical history of the learner and learning barriers.

  • The parents must complete and sign the Application Form for admission of a learner.

  • An enrolment agreement must be completed for each individual child.

  • The Application Form together with the additional documents described below must be delivered to Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care on or before the day your child is to start.

    • Copy of child’s birth certificate

    • Copy of each parent’s ID document

    • Copy of child’s clinic card

    • Copy of medical aid card showing child’s name

  • A non refundable once off registration fee of R400.00 is payable before your child starts at Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care.

  • Failure to fully complete the prescribed Application Form in full shall render the application null and void.

  • Providing misleading information and/or misrepresenting facts in the prescribed Application Form, shall render the registration null and void.

4. After-care Policy

Please advise us when your child is absent from Primary School. We will collect your children from Mondeor Primary School after school and sport, we do not however fetch from the Brabazon Sports field. Children will be provided with a cooked lunch when they arrive at Top Kids and a snack at 15h00. Homework is supervised by us from Monday to Thursday. However we do still ask that all parents check their child’s homework so that you are aware of what work is being done. On a Friday, no homework is done at Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care

5. CAPS Policy

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care is committed to the CAPS policy.

6. Children’s Birthdays

Birthdays can be celebrated with cupcakes and/or a party. Party packs to go home are optional. Any of these options are to be supplied by the child’s parents.

7. Cleanliness of Equipment and Toys

Tables and chairs are wiped down before and after meal times with an appropriate disinfectant. Suitable cleaning equipment is made available to staff for such purpose. Toys are washed and cleaned on a regular basis.

8. Collection of Children Policy

If someone other than yourself is to collect your child, please notify the school.

Children to be accompanied by their parents or transport to the security gate and handed to the staff member on duty. No child to be dropped in the parking area or in the road.

Late collection of your child/ren inconveniences staff and overtime payments will be due to them (R100.00 for every 30 minutes or part thereof). Children are to arrive at school no later than 08h00. Late arrivals disrupt lessons and class activities.

9. Contractors Policy

Where possible, no construction and maintenance will be conducted during school hours. If work is conducted during school hours, the children will be segregated from construction. A school appointed person or management will continually inspect the progress of the work in alignment with agreed safety standards. Equipment is removed from the work area as soon as the work is completed. Where repairs are conducted on the playground, the area is thoroughly inspected after the work has been completed to look for dangerous items (Nails, tools, sharp objects etc.).

10. Disability Policy

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care is currently not equipped to admit children with disabilities but we are open to admissions.

11. Discipline Policy


Safety first;

Toys belong to everyone;

All play together;

Respect & kindness for all people & things.

These simple, logical and positively stated rules are learned by all children. Having a clear understanding of the school rules helps children understand acceptable social behaviour. Providing engaging and developmentally appropriate choices for children also minimizes discipline issues.

Our goal is to help children learn to be caring, sharing, safe and respectful. If a situation arises when we feel that a child is not behaving in that manner, rather than 'punish' a child, we use the situation to teach them important life skills. Our first response is to stop the undesirable behaviour. We then talk individually with the children involved and why the interaction was not appropriate. It is important for children to learn to work things out and communicate with each other. Our role as teachers is to guide them and keep them safe. Learning to work out a disagreement with another person is a skill for life.

Time-outs are used only when a child needs to be removed in order to ensure the safety of all children. At no time will any child be subjected to shaming or corporal punishment. If there are discipline issues that require more attention, it is our goal to communicate with parents immediately and help work out ways to improve the situation.

12. Emergency Situations

An emergency action plan is in place and is practiced regularly with all children. This plan includes threats of fire, bomb and other safety related aspects. Nothing is to be placed under any fire safety equipment such as fire extinguisher (this includes but is not limited to children). Children will be evacuated from the building with the supervision of staff and meet at the assembly point where all children will be accounted for.

13. Environmental Hazards

The property of Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care is inspected at least once every three months for signs or bee hives, hornet nests and/or rodents.

14. Environmental Policy

All chemicals are stored in the storeroom which is kept locked at all times. Access is restricted to staff only. A suitable fire extinguisher is placed within 10 meters of this area.

15. Extra-mural Activities

A large variety of extra-murals are offered including Swimming , Action Ball, Soccer, Monkeynastix and Karate. These extra-murals are optional and are not included in your monthly school fee.

16. First Aid Policy

Please see Health, Medication and Illnesses Policy

17. Food Preparation Policy

We serve a cooked breakfast, cooked nutritious lunch and afternoon snack each day. Parents are required to supply a healthy snack for 10h30 (sandwiches, fruit, veggie sticks, rice cakes, cheese, yoghurt, muffins are suggested). Sweets and cold drinks are discouraged in favour of teaching our children healthy eating habits. Cooking ingredients are stored in a suitable, access controlled cupboard. Food stores are inspected regularly for expired or "off" food products. Products are inspected by the cook before use. Expired substances are discarded immediately. Foods are prepared in a clean environment and are prepared properly in alignment with age group requirements.

18. Health, Medication and Illnesses Policy

Please call if your child will not be attending school that day. If a child has contracted a contagious illness please keep him/her at home.


Medicine can be administered at Top Kids if the medicine register has been filled in by a parent. All medicines are kept in the medicine box in the kitchen, or if required in the fridge. All medicine is to be handed to the member of staff on gate duty and details to be signed into the Medicine Register by the parent. On departure it is the parent’s responsibility to request the medicine. Prescribed medicine must be in the child’s name, not be expired and have the original pharmacy label.


We reserve the right to refuse entry to a child who is displaying signs of illness as stated in National Health Act, 2003 (Act No. 61 of 2003). Children who are ill must stay at home until they have recovered. In the event of a child with a high temperature (above 38°C), parents will be contacted to collect the child as soon as possible. Permission may be requested to give the child a single dose of Panado Syrup. This information will be recorded in the Medicine Register and Parent Call Book and parents will be required to sign this when collecting their child. Parents are also requested to send an email to the school email address giving permission in writing. If a child has any form of injury or isn’t well, it will be reported to the office immediately and recorded in the incident file. No sleeping children will be accepted and staff will need to do the “Signs of Life” test. In the event of an allergic reaction, parents will be contacted and if necessary an ambulance will be called, which parents will be liable for.

Any special dietary requirements such as allergies or medical history will be identified at Registration and recorded. The Health Department and parents will be informed of any outbreaks of notifiable or communicable diseases. Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care reserves the right to close for any number of days should there be a reported communicable disease.

First Aiders

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care have a minimum of four employees trained in Level One First Aid.

First Aid equipment is kept in the office and a portable first aid bag is hung in the playground above the large blackboard for quick access. Parents will be informed immediately of any head injury to a child.

In the event of a serious injury, parents will be contacted and the child will be taken for medical treatment. If the school is unable to reach the parent, the school has the right to make a decision. Parents will be liable for all medical and ambulance costs. An incident/accident report with be filled in.

All staff are aware of the normal precautions for avoiding infection and follow basic hygiene procedures. Any spilt blood or other body fluids will be cleaned up promptly using disposable gloves and the area will be cleansed with a suitable antiseptic solution.

First Aiders are trained in the correct first aid procedures for a choking child or infant.

Toilet Training

Potty time only happens in a designated area and not in a general area of Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care. Spills are cleaned up immediately.

Vegetation Policy

There are no poisonous or dangerous plants on Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care property. Children at Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care are educated on the risk of consuming plants, berries, roots etc.

Nappy Changing Policy

Parents of children still in nappies need to supply 5 nappies daily (not all will be used everyday), wet wipes and bum cream as asked by his/her teacher. Nappies may only be changed on the nappy changing station and not on any other surfaces (including tables and mattresses). Children’s wet wipes and bum cream are kept close to the nappy changing station so teachers never leave children unattended on the raised surface.

Electrical Policy

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care holds a valid Electrical Compliance Certificate. All unused electrical plug points have safety protectors at all times. All Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care staff to inspect all electrical outlets on a daily basis.

Drain Policy

All drains to have protective covers on to prevent access to children. Covers are inspected on a monthly basis by the Health and Safety Officer.

General Hygiene Policy

Cleaning staff have been appointed for the management of hygiene. A cleaning schedule has been created for the facility and bathrooms. There are sufficient toilets and wash hand basins for the number of children as per by-law requirements. All bathroom and toilet equipment is inspected on a monthly basis and repairs are made as required. Management conduct regular spot checks to confirm conformance. Toilet paper, hand soap and hand drying facilities are available at all times. Individual hand towels are provided for children which are washed once a week by Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care.

19. HIV/AIDS Policy

No one with HIV infection should be denied the opportunity to receive education or to work as an educator as long as they are able to do so. HIV infection does not pose a significant risk to others in school so long as the necessary precautions are followed, so there is no reason to deny infected educators and learners the same rights as others. The law does not allow learners or educators (or any employee) to be forced to have HIV tests – Top Kids Nursery School will abide by this ruling. Genuinely voluntary disclosure of a learner’s or educator’s HIV status will be welcomed. Educators who are given such information must be prepared to treat it as confidential and ensure that no unfair discrimination follows from it.

20. Kitchen Policy

Access to the kitchen is restricted to staff only. Children are physically restricted access to the kitchen by means of locked doors on the 2 entrances. The main electrical plug point for the stove is switched off when not in use to prevent it from being switched on accidentally. Only competent staff shall operate the stove and other hot equipment. All kitchen equipment is placed onto a register and is inspected on a regular basis (visually inspected on a daily basis by the cook and a formal inspection at least once every 6 months by management). Damaged equipment is taken out of service and is replaced immediately. Equipment shall be stored in closed cupboards or drawers within the access controlled kitchen.

21. Language Policy

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care is an English medium school.

22. Parent Information

It is the parent’s responsibility to see that updates are given of change of address and telephone numbers to Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care.

23. Parents’ Right to Custody

Should the Parents’ right to custody of the child become limited in any manner whatsoever, whether by way of divorce or otherwise, the onus rests on the parent who retains legal custody of the child to supply Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care with a court order to such effect. Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care will not be held liable for rendering possession of the child to a parent who may longer be entitled thereto if Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care did not receive proper notification.

24. Parents Visitation Policy

As per Section 61 of the South African School Act 84 of 1996, Parents have the right to visit the school where their children have been admitted but such visits may not disrupt any of the school activities therefore Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care do not permit visitation at any time of the school day.

25. Paths of Communication

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care have an open door policy. However for speedy resolution it is recommended that if a parent needs to discuss anything to do with a child’s progress or a concern, they should makes an appointment to address the teacher concerned first. If there is a need for further intervention, they may then make an appointment with the Principal or Owner. Please approach the Principal or Owner with any confidential matters directly.

26. Playground Policy

Please see Supervision Policy regarding supervision in the playground. All playground equipment is placed onto a register. This equipment is checked daily by staff and monthly by the Health and Safety Officer. Playground equipment that is seriously damaged is taken out of the playground areas to prevent children from gaining access. For repairs please see Contractors Policy. Suitable, lead free paints are used when painting equipment. Teachers to ensure that no child has any strings on clothing that can be caught on slides, trees or fences causing strangulation.

Each class will be allocated a separate day which they may play in the sandpit. The sandpit is kept covered when not in use by the children. The sand is regularly treated with coarse salt to keep it clean.

27. Progress reports

Progress reports for your child are sent out in June and December (Termly for Grade R).

28. Religion Policy

The South African Schools Act (Act 94 of 1996) upholds the constitutional rights of all citizens to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion, and freedom from unfair discrimination on any grounds whatsoever, including religion, in public education institutions. Within this constitutional framework, we, Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care have a responsibility to promote the core values of a democratic society,

through the curriculum, through extracurricular activities, and in our approach in general. These core values include equity, tolerance, multilingualism, openness, accountability, and social honour.

29. School Bags and Clothing Policy

A school bag must be brought to school daily with a clean set of clothing (nursery school children). Please mark all clothing. We are not responsible for any loss or damage. Please dress your child in suitable old clothes. New and expensive clothes only get damaged. Learning through play is our aim and play is dirty. Parents to ensure that no child has any strings on clothing that can be caught on slides, trees or fences causing strangulation. Children are prohibited from bringing toys, sweets, cellphones, weapons and chewing gum to school. If a cellphone or similar electronic device is brought on to the property of Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care by children, no employee will be held responsible for any loss or damage.

30. School Closures Policy

The school has the right to close for any length of time (e.g. political riots etc.). The school will be closed on all public holidays and for approximately 3 ½ weeks during December/January school holidays. We may incorporate 4-5 weekdays during the year, along with the public holidays to make an extra long weekend or two. You will be advised in the first newsletter of the year (January) of such possible closures.

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care reserves the right to close for any number of days should there be a reported communicable disease.

31. School Fees Policy

Fees are payable in advance on or before the 3rd of each month. Fees are payable even if your child is ill or on holiday or for any other reason. If the fees are not paid by the 3rd of each month, a penalty of R100.00

per week per child will be charged and your child will be suspended from school until payment has been made. Should your child be taken out before the expiry of the month, no refund will be made. Should fees still not be paid, your account will be handed over to a legal entity for collection. One full calendar months notice in writing on the first day of the month is required for termination of enrolment.

32. School hours

Monday – Friday: 07h00 17h30

Saturday, Sundays and Public holidays: Closed

33. Smoking Policy

Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care, in recognition of Health, Safety and Environment concerns, is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working and teaching environment for all its employees, children, parents and visitors. Act 23 of 2007 Section 2: No person may smoke any tobacco product in a private dwelling if that private dwelling is used for any commercial childcare activity, or for

schooling or tutoring. Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care premises are designated SMOKE-FREE. All employees, parents, contractors and visitors are requested to abide with this Policy when performing

activities at Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care. The smoking Policy is made clear to every visitor and employee by way of signage. All employees are required to report any non-compliance of the Smoking Policy immediately to management. Any breach of this policy will lead to a fine of R200 as imposed by law.

34. School toys

All play toys and tools are suitable for the intended age group. A register of all toys and educational equipment has been created for each class. All equipment is visually inspected on a daily basis by the teacher and a formal inspection is done quarterly. Broken or dangerous toys are taken out of the classroom

immediately and are either discarded or repaired as soon as possible. Any toys that increase the risk of strangulation are prohibited.

Classroom facility is inspected on a daily basis by the teacher and a monthly basis by the Health and Safety

Officer. Damages are to be reported immediately to management so repairs can be arranged. All defective equipment to be removed from the classroom immediately.

35. Sleep time Policy

Children are provided with mattresses to be used during sleep time. The mattresses are inspected daily by the teacher and monthly by the Health and Safety Officer for damages. Parents are to supply a blanket for his/her child to use during sleep time. Mattress covers are washed every 2 weeks by Top Kids Nursery School & After-care.

36. Staff Cellphone Policy

To ensure the effectiveness of teaching, care and supervision of the children, Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care ask that employees leave cell phones at their desks and not be taken into the playground as children need to be watched without staff been distracted. If cell phones are taken into the playground a verbal warning will be issued. Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care landline number must be given to family for emergencies. Calls on cell phones at other times may be quickly answered and messages may be checked.

37. Supervision

Children will be supervised at all times (this includes but is not limited to meal times and sleep times).

38. Training of Staff Policy

Only competent persons are permitted to conduct work on Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care premises. Any unskilled staff members are supervised by a competent person at all times as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Top Kids Nursery School & After-Care staff are regularly sent on necessary training to constantly improve their knowledge and skills.

39. Weather Policy

Should the weather not be appropriate for outside play, the children will be brought inside to watch movies, play with blocks or any inside activities. Fresh water is available to all children and staff at all times. Staff and children are encouraged to drink regularly during very hot conditions. Parents are to provide a bottle of suitable sun block at the beginning of each term for each child.